Progress is born out of discontent.

Tax advice is about bridging the gap between tax advisors and tax accountants. Tax advisors talk tax, tax accountants talk numbers. Will Tell bridges that gap. Your numbers will tell, but we will explain what those numbers are exactly telling you at the end of the day. Plain, simple and honest.

Put your trust in marksmen.

Will Tell was set up by tax expert marksmen, with combined experience in tax accounting and tax advice. We have put decades of international tax challenges in at least 6 continents at organizations like Shell, Mitsubishi, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, ASML and Royal Ten Cate and 4,136 hours of coding and scripting in our unique methodology.

Put an end to complexity.

At Will Tell you will do business with our small team of tax experts. We talk your language, we talk business. And we learned to talk tax at Big Four offices all over the world. We bring that knowledge and advice to those who can’t afford to go to the Big Four or the Zuidas of Amsterdam. We help multinationals and small and medium enterprises by bridging their business to tax compliancy. To plain fiscal advice. To logical business decisions. For those who are fed up with complexity, false promises, and outrageous bills.

Our weapons of choice.

In tax compliance.

  • Mandatory disclosure (DAC6)
  • Corporate income tax
  • Indirect tax
  • International tax
  • Transaction tax
  • Business tax

In tax advice.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax policy and administration
  • Tax controversy and litigation
  • Tax assurance
  • Tax technology
  • Contract assistance
  • ATAD 2
  • ATAD 3

In tax accounting.

  • Tax reporting and strategy
  • Tax valuations
  • Tax modeling
  • Tax audit support
  • Tax due diligence
  • Transfer pricing

In financial accounting.

  • Compilation reports
  • Financial statements

Need honest and true taxperts?

Do you need honest and eager taxpert marksmen on your side to fight complexity? Want to challenge fiscal complexity with logic and the right policies? And with just good and pleasant company? Do you have the same drive for simplicity? Do you refuse to bow for complexity? Hire our tax advisors and tax accountants, and let your figures tell the truth. Let’s fight complexity together.

What counts for you?

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