Will Tell offers game-changing tax accounting and reporting software for reliable and verifiable calculation of tax positions and figures. It’s a revolutionary tax accounting tool to control integrated management reports, annual accounts, provisioning, and tax returns.

Tackling fiscal complexity with logic.

Logic in
  • Logical accounting rules for fast implementation.
  • Balance sheet approach.
  • Parameter-based settings for uniform reporting.
  • Logically scalable to the size of your business.
  • Calculations with clear policies and rates.
Logic out
  • Integrated approach to tax provisioning and returns (IFRS/US GAAP/local GAAP compliant).
  • Integrated commercial and fiscal balance and profit and loss account.
  • Uniform reporting of the Effective Tax Rate (ETR).
  • Simple and standardized reporting for all group entities.
  • User-friendly interface.

Some facts that figure.

Will Tell was set up by tax expert marksmen, with decades combined experience in tax accounting and tax advice.


These are the hours we invested in our tool.


This is the number of continents
we are operable in.


These are the years of our combined experience.

Born out of frustration.

It takes experts to make tax simple. That is why we have created our own tax software. The first tool to truly integrate management reports, annual accounts, provisioning, and Tax Returns. It comes with the flexibility and usability of an Excel sheet but is far more reliable and up scalable. As autonomous and professional software it drives a full equity comparison and uses the balance sheet approach.

Always aiming for the right mark.

Will Tell is the right tool when tax provisioning for multinational and multi-company organizations. Our tool brings together the worlds of Tax Returns and accounting. It combines insights in Current and Deferred Tax. It is a reliable link between your accounting and tax figures that provide the building blocks for Financial Statements and Tax Returns.

Direct insights.

  • The reconciliation of fiscal equity based on the balance sheet approach.
  • The composition of the ETR per period and developments throughout the year.
  • Journal entries and journal entry corrections for tax accounting per period.
  • The connection between accounting profit and taxable profit including tax return specifications.
  • The technical tax reconciliation (equity comparison).
  • Tax planning features. Evidence for acceptable and reliable tax calculations.
  • The setup of tax consolidations, like for fiscal unity consolidation.

No escapes, no excuses.

Once you start using our Will Tell software, your tax provisioning will be transparent like never before. There is no more escape – any business event will automatically be linked to tax steering data. There is no more excuse – you will have total understanding and specification of the General Ledger and equity transactions. There is no more bypass – you complete what you need to file, and you file what you complete.

What counts for you?

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